(DEFINITELY NOT) ready for school

Everybody remembers that fever before first days at primary school. It was like: “Wow! I’m going to learn Maths!”. School was a great delight for some time and then… Reality happened. Now, after ten years in school coming back is still an exciting event. Want to know how I prepared?

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The boring side.


I’m really into science and maybe some of you are, too. From not-yet-scientist’s point of view this field is fascinating. It seems like real scientist adds phenolphthalein to bases and generally changes colors in bunch of test-tubes all day long. And every time where new precipitate or color is appearing they says “woooow!” and does dance of joy with their labmates. Because they sits in a lab all the time, of course!

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I’m moving to London

oneI’ve decided. Before, I must only make some formalities done. Formalities such a… BMAT and IELTS. And university application. And maybe finishing high school in next two years? It shouldn’t be THAT hard and THAT long? Sherlock Holmes’ city attracts me like no place on Earth does. And no – I have never been there. London (and probably most big cities in the world) has something a girl from little town may miss. Call me snob – prestige and loudness of metropolises make me feeling a part of “the big world”. I want to run out of Poland because I need a difference (political correctness, yup) and, of course, the peak of ambition is to study on one of best universities in the world. The clock is ticking, two years suddenly became not enough.

London, I’m coming! Keep your fingers crossed!