The boring side.


I’m really into science and maybe some of you are, too. From not-yet-scientist’s point of view this field is fascinating. It seems like real scientist adds phenolphthalein to bases and generally changes colors in bunch of test-tubes all day long. And every time where new precipitate or color is appearing they says “woooow!” and does dance of joy with their labmates. Because they sits in a lab all the time, of course!

I know I’m only seventeen and “I know nothing” but I got to know people who works in science and I have also worked in lab, done (and doing) some projects. Perhaps I’m not as experienced as you but I know something.

For example I know, people are often disappointed with being a scientists, especially those who are expecting lab to be great entertainment. Sometimes you don’t know everything and it’s frustrating or you have to do the same thing many, many times to do a graph and compare results (not just once). Doing researches doesn’t mean only tests and discoveries but writing, writing, writing.

I don’t want to discorauge you from lab! NEVER! So read little more before you change your mind. This is what I wrote on Twitter yesterday:

This day in lab I was only turning on/off the light source and writing down values of the voltage in every 5-10 seconds. For two hours. Image that you are sitting in dark room with a multimeter, messy wires and a light bulb. You are not even able to read a book because you have to focus on somewhere else. Two hours. Did I say that I’m in lab every day not because someone is expecting me to do this or paying me(lol) but because I want to spend my time like this?

You may think I’m little irrational or masochist (I hate being bored, by the way) but I’m just fascinated by science. Doing something in a lab is great experience for me. Especially if (as a girl from the lab said) “you have to be some McGyver and some Bob the Builder here”. My creativity really enjoys these researches sometimes.

The point is doing science looks awesome and it really is but you have to like what you do and be prepared for getting some boredom. You won’t have joy all the time (well, I actually have so maybe it’s only about attitude) and to get Nobel prize you have to work really hard and really long.

So, can you deal with “the boring side” of science?

P.S.: Sorry for bad photo, I don’t know how it happened but I have not any good from lab!


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