Home vs Abroad


Photo by Ryan McGuire

I used to have a problem with choosing my studies’ place – here (in Poland) or abroad? For a long time I was almost entirely sure that I’m going to Wroclaw University of Technology. It’s one of best universities in my country. As you may know my preferences has changed. So, if the quality of this studies is great, city is wonderful and I know I would be satisfied, WHY I’m making my life more difficult? Read it, if you’re (like me) wondering about studying home or abroad.

I almost never sit back when it’s about important decisions – even if I have chosen. I’m doing plenty of searches, talking with people and think about it once again (well, not just once). I always need to confirm the rightness of my choices. This is what I’ve learned during my searches and thoughts:

#1 There is no place for being afraid. Shit happens. Good things also happens and you won’t be out of that. However you can decide WHERE. Better choose a nice place. If you are into getting as best education as possible and you don’t want to “just get the paper”, think about studying somewhere else without fear about being far from home.

#2 Money will always be if needed. People who has passion usually can manage financial problems. It’s many ways to earn money. It won’t be easy but never give up with your dreams because of money!

#3 Give them abroad. HR loves abroad. The truth is that employers value international experience. When you have got some practics in other country in your CV, your chances increase. Sorry, just statistic things.

#4 Cultural exchange. Another country means another point of view. It’s important to be open but also can defend their opinions. It’s all about self-developing.

#5 Connections. No comment is needed.

#6 Fun. It’s always a good reason to do something crazy and unexpected. Also, if you won’t have fun and being outside your motherland is gonna be a torture for you – it’s OK. You don’t have to change your mind to be cool or something. Nobody judges by places of studies and it’s your business where do you feel better.

These were my arguments. What are yours?


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