Why do I love brains and what do to if you love them too.


I like my brain. Thanks to it I can think, feel, see and do many, many more or less amazing things. Hmm… Are you sure that your head’s interior is as indispensable as you were thinking? I will tell you later why I’m wondering, but now…

Brain is identified with intelligence and I like intelligent people. Love them. They are always fascinating and able to carry on a smart talk. They have some weird acts time to time but it makes them special and more interesting. Because of them, I can learn new things, get new experiences. That is why this blog’s name is what it is.

To keep your brain in doing its best is good to feed it with walnuts. Their shape reminds… brain so you won’t forget this little advice when you’re in the supermarket. They contain unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins and elements you need. Probably they can even help to prevente cancer and cure depression! Eat walnuts. And nuts in general – they seem to be cool.

Now is what I promised to write about. Did you know that our brains are maybe not as necessary as we thought they are? People who losts their brain actually lives and even can remember as much information as we can! To be honest, I’m pretty much surprised with this fact. If you are interested, check out here. I’ve found it at Neurobigos site.
(take care of your brain, anyway!)

/I’m going to be on a conference for few days so see you next week./


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